Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different

On this, her second release, Davis continues in the vein first explored on her debut, but with even more creative input. Here she produced the proceedings as well as picked the musicians on top of writing and singing all of the tunes. And a fine job she does, as well! While the first album was a bit of a start-studded adventure, the (somewhat less well-known) talent is still highly evident here and her songs are still top-notch, filled with energetic grooves and sexuality. Her subject matter was certainly controversial for the times and some people (re: men) were so overwhelmed by her frank lyrics and provocative stage mannerisms that they disparaged her. Of course, sane men would have loved to have women who were unafraid to be erotic and would have enjoyed the scene and the show - especially considering the quality of the music involved! But, being an ahead-of-your-time innovator can have its drawbacks and Davis never enjoyed the popularity that many women who came later (Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc.) did. This caused her to eventually drop out of music altogether, which is our loss, as this is some damn fine funk!

Again, this release comes in a beautiful package with bonus tracks and another extensive booklet filled with more info on her career and photos from her live act. Another essential purchase!