Friday, May 03, 2013

Jerry Lee Lewis - Original Sun Singles '56 - '60

Yep, there are many, many, many Jerry Lee comps out there (a friend recently loaned me a 12 album vinyl box set of Sun recordings!) but for a single, solid disc of JLL greatness, this one would be hard to beat. As the title implies, this is a round-up of the Killer's Sun 45's, from "Crazy Arms", "Whole Lotta Shakin'", "Great Ball of Fire", "Breathless" and "High School Confidential" through the later numbers like "Lovin' Up a Storm", "Big Blon' Baby", his cover of Berry's "Little Queenie" and "Baby, Baby, Bye Bye" (and tons more), there is plenty of fire and fury throughout.

Although Lewis fell from the charts after his ill-fated marriage, his quality didn't waver until much later. This is solid through and through. If you're looking for one collection for yourself or to turn a friend on to the piano-poundin' king of r'n'r, then this is one to have! Sundazed does it again!