Sunday, July 21, 2013

Megan Barker and the All Togethers at E-String, Henderson July 20, 2013

The Swamp Gospel shared this bill and I always say that if you want to know when it will rain in Las Vegas simply look to see when the SG has a show! This weekend provided some of the biggest storms of the year for the area but enough brave, hearty souls made it out through the floods to the wilds of Henderson for a night of cool and diverse music.

Opening at the early hour of 8:00 p.m. was singer/songwriter/guitarist Megan Barker. Megan is a fine acoustic guitarist who combines finger-picking styles, percussive effects and powerful strumming to reflect the lyrical imagery of her songs. Her voice is sweet and high and she has a cute and unpretentious stage presence and communicates directly to members of the audience. Not something that I normally go out to see in a live setting, but well done modern folk.

The All Togethers have come from the hills of Virginia to Vegas to bring their brand of bluegrass/folk/Americana music to Sin City. Husband and wife team Ken and Cindy Osborne sing sweet harmonies while playing guitar/banjo/mandolin (Ken) and stand-up bass (Cindy), augmented by their old friend Brian Phillips on various, minimalist percussion (including washboard). They describe themselves as "hillbilly jazz, tin pan alley, bluegrass, gypsy, Americana" and they should know! Love their style, their talent (all are superior musicians), their stage banter and their songs! They seem to have taken over Vegas and play regularly throughout town, so you have no excuse not to see them. Be sure to also pick up their CD, Ridge Runner.