Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mose Allison’s Greatest Hits

Mose Allsion is, of course, most well-known for his “Young Man Blues”, covered with wild abandon and great effect on the Who’s Live At Leeds album, and for his “Parchman Farm”, covered by nearly everyone in the history of music!

This is, naturally, a set of the tunes that are most associated with him, from his originals to multiple covers – “Eyesight to the Blind” (Sonny Boy Williamson), “7th Son” (Willie Dixon), “That’s All Right” (Jimmy Rogers) and more. Allison plays piano and sings, backed by stand up bass and drums (and a horn in one instance), all done in a smooth, quiet jazz-blues style. He is nowhere near as raucous or edgy as most of the bands who have done his songs, but this is fine stuff in its own style.

Don’t expect any wild rock’n’roll, but if you want to hear an originator who influenced most of the people you probably listen to and you aren’t afraid or light, cool jazzy performances, then check it out!