Thursday, March 20, 2014

recommended gigs

Friday Mar 21 - The All Togethers and Goodnight Texas at the Dillinger
Friday Mar 21 - the Astaires at Artifice

Saturday Mar 22 - the Psyatics and Voodoo Glow Skulls at the Dive Bar
Saturday Mar 22 - Royal Hounds @ Bar702
Saturday Mar 22 - Beau Hodges at Nacho Daddy

Sunday March 23 - the All Togethers at BB's Clubhouse and Event Center

Monday Mar 24 - the Crimson Balladeers and Zach Ryan and the Renegades at Artifice

Tues Mar 25 - Crimson Balladers, Amber Corby and the Unwieldies with Lydia Loveless at the Dive Bar

Wednesday Mar 26 - Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Friday Mar 28 - the Delta Bombers w/Bob Wayne, Whiskey Breath and the All Togethers - the Dive Bar
Friday Mar 28 - the Unwieldies at Nosh and Swig

Saturday Mar 29 - the Swamp Gospel at the Double Down

Sunday Mar 30 - the Unwieldies at LV Container Park

Tues April 1 - Bogtrotters Union - HellPop Comics

Thursday April 3 - All Togethers and Unwieldies at the Velveteen Rabbit

Saturday April 5 - Swank Bastards at the Arts Factory
Saturday April 5 - the All Togethers at Triple B

Sunday April 6 - Swank Bastards at Artifice

Thursday April 10 - the Swamp Gospel with Cheetah Chrome and the Street Walkin' Cheetahs - the Dive Bar

Friday April 18 - Swank Bastards at the Double Down
Friday April 18 - the Psyatisc and Chop Tops at LV  Country Saloon

Saturday April 19 - Crimson Balladers and Wayne Hancock at the Dive Bar
Saturday April 19 - Swank Bastards at Rat City Ruckus
Saturday April 19 - the All Togethers and Curse Words are Verbs at the Pioneer Saloon

Friday April 25 - The Swamp Gospel at the Huntridge Tavern with Nina Coyote and Chico Tornado (from the Basque country)

Saturday April 26 - The Psyatics at the Double Down
Saturday April 26 - the Astaires at Triple Bs with David Haskins from Bauhaus

Monday April 28 - the Astaires at the Beauty Bar

Wednesday April 30 - Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Monday May 19 - the Astaires at the Beauty Bar

Wednesday May 21 - the Astaires, Laissez Fairs and Rosalyns at the Dive Bar
Wednesday May 21 - The Standells at the Cheyenne Saloon

Thursday May 22 - The Psyatics with Peter Murphy and the Dickies at LV Country Saloon

Tuesday June 3 - Supersuckers at the Dive Bar!

Thursday June 5 - Nashville Pussy at the Dive Bar!

What have I forgotten? Lemme know!