Friday, March 07, 2014

The Unwieldies + Duane Mark - the Dive Bar 2-6-2014

I've gone on a number of times before about the Unwieldies, my favorite local acoustic act. Comprising of Rob and Danielle Bell on bass/vocals and guitar/vocals, as well as Rob's partner-in-noise in the Psyatics, Jack Ball (violin and guitar), this trio creates fine, harmony-based tunes in - for lack of a better term - a singer/songwriter vein. Danielle has a lovely voice, which is balanced by Rob's gruffer, though still melodic tones. Jack is now using an acoustic guitar for this project, so this is entirely wooden music now.

They tend to surprise with new songs at each set (or at least each time I've seen them) and had a couple that I didn't recognize tonight (and one that caught them up, as well, though they laughed and joked their way through it), though the set is dominated by numbers from their terrific CD. They closed with an old Yeller Bellies song, "Haunted", which had Jack moving from violin for the first part to guitar for the solo and ending. As always, nicely done and the audience were appreciative from start to finish!

Weeknights are always tough for an old man like me and I didn't make it for this whole night, but following the Unwieldies was Duane Mark, an acoustic singer/songwriter with a big, powerful voice, backed up by stand-up bass. Good songs, good playing, but the clock caught up with me and I had to leave before Rev. Red joined them, which was unfortunate, but necessary - I definitely need to move closer!

Once again, thank you to the Dive Bar for offering a diverse mix of music for this fair city of ours!