Monday, April 21, 2014

Devil's Jump - Important Indie Label Blues 1946-1957

It is somewhat amazing just how many blues compilations have been appearing over the last few years and
just how much good stuff there is yet to be discovered. This 4-CD set is another example. Taken from the archives of King and Queen Records, located in the Mid-West and recruiting artists from all over the area, owner Syd Nathan managed to collect a roster of high caliber artists in the blues, jump-blues and boogie arenas, among others.

Included here are some early recording of giants like John Lee Hooker (amazing tracks!) and Memphis Slim, along with cool cats like Lee Brown, Jimmie Gordon, Detroit Count, Country Paul, Smokey Hogg, Eddie Kirkland and plenty more. 100 sides with 20 previously unreleased cuts gives you lots of stompin' and smokin' blues, from individual, solo artists to full swing bands. Everything here is pretty damn cool and once again you get to hear the roots of rock'n'roll with cuts that could easily have crossed over, had they been given a chance.

The booklets, though brief, give an overview of the label's story and, when possible, gives the personnel on each recordings and a good story of the cats involved. Another really fun comp and well worth the price!