Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Rosalyns - Hide and Seek EP

After seeing the Rosalyns again last night, of course, I had to pick up their new 7", 4-song vinyl EP, Hide and Seek, released on the Ugly Things record label! And, of course, you should, too!

This EP opens up with bassist Anja taking lead vocals in her native German (with harmonies from keyboardist Birdy) on Cindy and Bert's "Paranoid" (Black Sabbath) take-off "Der Hund von Baskerville". The guitars have plenty of raunch - these ladies are not trying to be 60's purists, they just wanna rock! - and both Amy and Diana take solos while drummer Lety pounds out the beat. All four frontwomen sing, and on the 60's pop tune from Rupert's People, "Dream in my Mind", Birdy is front and center, with Diana and Anja backing, and a cool dance groove backing it all.

Who else but someone names Diana Death would sing the vicious "Destroy That Boy" (originally by 60's girl group the What Four)? Nasty fuzz guitars meet sweet backing vocals and make some excellent rock'n'roll. I always loved Fleur de Lys and their high-energy "Hold On" (sung by Sharon Tandy) and here Birdy gives a terrific reading as the rhythm section raves on and Diana and Amy do an amazing, Detroit-styled, dual guitar lead section - just fantastic!

The sound here is cool and rockin', though my only complaint would be that the keys are buried. Regardless, an incredible slab of smokin' garage rock! And ya gotta love that they credit "The Riviera ironing board" for the selfie cover photos that they took in that Vegas hotel!