Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Brothers Gross - Ready to Roll vinyl EP

I also had the good fortune to play with the Brothers Gross in Indianapolis over the weekend and this EP gives a good indication of their glam/power-pop/punk sound. Driven by stylin' 60's-soundin' drummer/lead singer Kyle Gross and brother Timmy (guitar and genetic backing vocals) and aided and abetted by Banko on bass and Skrem on 2nd guitar (though they were a 3 piece with a sit in drummer when I saw them), they prove that they really know how to write a catchy tune with this record.

"Runaway" is a bit punkier in speed and attitude, though still insanely memorable and "What Have You Got" is a pop masterpiece in the style of bands like the Boys, though even a bit cleverer! Really fine songwriting here! The only complaint is that the songs are way too short - this is over before you've had a chance to really absorb just how good it is.

I guess the only solution is to see them whenever you can! Another excellent mid-west group of misfits!