Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Dockers - Tale from the Dock

Deezen keyboardist Mike Rippey (Fez Core) comped me this marble-colored 7" while hanging with the Gizmos at Gonerfest. I'm a big fan of Deezen but didn't know what to expect from this. And yeah, this is pretty different!

Here Rippey sings and writes songs of lurid trash and misogyny (tongue-in-cheek) backed by a band mixing punk and garage. The guitar at times sounds like garage fuzz, sometimes like punk thrash and sometimes like metal dirge - don't know how he does that! I didn't realize, but apparently Sam from Deezen (and now the Gizmos) plays guitar here, as well. The drums are slightly boxy, but overall, the sound is pretty exceptional and powerful - truly ferocious rock'n'roll!

The songs are short and sick, with titles like "Pussy Hat", Pussy Pawn Shop" (do they sound like geeky horror/comic book fans? They should!), "Overweight Drac'la" and the slower, keyboard-laden "I Got You" ("say what you want about me but I fucked your sister"). Juvenile humor, but done with some real musical talent. Fun and funny!

Definitely wanna see these cats live sometime - have a feeling they must be hilarious!

I have no idea why, but the colors on the pic of the color photo are all inverted - bizarre! Probably something the band did on purpose.