Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Dirty Babies

I missed this Vegas garage phenom when they were playing around town (even being at shows that they played but missing them cuz they were first) but am now lucky enough to have drummer Lenny Ribaudo in the Swamp Gospel and have seen guitarist Kei's terrific punk'n'roll combos The Tinglerz and Tiger Sex many times. I never got to know lead singer/guitarist Jaime or bassist Brew, but their contributions here show their talents, as well.

The record has all kinds of coolness, from the garage mania of "Bad Girls Go to Hell" (great, snotty vocals and harmonies on this one), to the NY Dolls-y "You Won't Like What You Find" (nice dual leads), pounding trash'n'roll in "County Jail", Ramones-y stomp in "Experimental Medicine", frenetic energy in "Bitch Reaction" (superb, blazing lead guitar here), slightly more traditional garage in "Drivin' Me Mad", the punky "Up All Night" and the Stooges steal in "Don't Make Me Show You My Dark Side".

The flip gives us more 70's power stylings in "Born to be Weird", nice riff thievery in "Dying Every Day", more rock'n'stomp in "(I Freaked Out On) LSD", cool dynamics and Ramones-isms for "I, Derelict", a complete Dolls rip ("You Won't Be Missed"), loud'n'snotty garage ("All Night Long") and ending with a moodier, minor-key piece of spookiness, "Burn the Witch".

Fine, fine stuff - makes me wish I had caught them live - must have been smokin'!