Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Ca. Feetwarmers at the Chandelier at the Cosmo

I had been meaning to get to the Chandelier at the Cosmo for some time now, since they have been having a lot of fun, old school lounge acts here and finally made it for this combo, calling their style "hobo-jazz". Utilizing a great horn section of clarinet, trumpet, trombone and tuba (for the bass), along with banjo, acoustic guitar, washboard and bass drum, their take on old school dixieland jazz was spot-on and truly enjoyable.

The bar was packed with people there specifically for the band along with many passers-by who stopped to enjoy the sights and sounds. The setting is great, though we heard rumors that there might not be live acts here in the future, which would be too bad.

In any case, if the Feetwarmers come your way, warm your feet by dancin' the night away with these gents. A good time, for sure!