Thursday, March 05, 2015

John Fallon - Afterword

John Fallon was the lead singer/guitarist in the 80's psych/garage band the Steppes, though he pretty
much went into retirement and settled down after the band broke up. Now located in Las Vegas, NV., John has started playing again with various projects (once you start again, it's hard to stop, as I can attest!) and has recorded this, a solo album, with various friends, myself included - so understand that there may be a bias here!

The 12-string jangle of "For You, Girl" starts off the album with a Bryds-y/Turtles kinda feel - supremely catchy and a bit different from his usual pysch leanings. Some truly biting guitar opens "Alone" with a garage rocker with some intertwining late-60's leads running through it, reminiscent of his work with the Steppes. This continues in "(Live in A) Garbage Can" - more simple, catchy 60's riffs surrounded by walls of wild noise and then he slows down for a ballad with "My Loving", with some Beatles-esque melodies and changes. More 12-strings add to a vocal line somewhat similar to the Who's "The Good's Gone" in "Waiting For Tomorrow" and then I appear on co-lead guitar on "Ain't Got No Money", a tougher, 3 chord rocker, with more Who-esque breaks, a psych breakdown and some fine guitar playing, of course! (Hah!) "Yes, You Are" is another strong rock'n'roller, with Bryds-ian 12 strings adding texture that moves into a mellower direction for the instrumental bridge. There is a reprise of "My Loving" in a stereo mix with heavy keyboards and stretched out for the LP version and then remixes of two songs that John released as a single previously: "Picture Yourself Today" and "Theme For Steve McQueen". To flush out the CD, two live Steppes cuts appear from a show John did with members of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Brian Wilson's band, as well as his son, Cromm, from local band the Astaires.

Any fan of the Steppes or pysch/pop in general won't be disappointed. Go get it!

(BTW, this is not a duet record - the cover girl, Vivian, as is dachshund Sammy, is there for set dressing. :) )