Thursday, May 07, 2015

H-Bomb Ferguson - Big City Blues 1951-54

This was a random purchase while perusing Amoeba Records in LA a couple of weeks ago. I was not familiar with Ferguson, but dug his name and the cover and gave it a chance. This is a wild, rompin' bunch of sax-driven jump blues shouters in the manner of Big Joe Turner or Wynonie Harris ("Good Rockin' Tonight"), who some accused Ferguson of ripping off.

Pretty much everything here is high energy jumpin'n'jivin' and truly fun stuff, mostly written by H-Bomb himself. No, it ain't very original, and it tends to get a bit samey after a while, but it moves and grooves, has some funny and entertaining lyrics, and if it don't get ya bouncin', then you've already been hit by the proverbial H-Bomb!

Dig this one a lot - truly good time music and a nice, though smallish, booklet with some ultra-cool pix!