Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Humans #5 (comic)

OK, I know y'all gotta be hip enough to be diggin' on the number one simian bike gang, the Humans, by now. If not, then it is time to get down to your local comic book emporium and catch up - and there is a compendium that is out right now (issues #0 - #4) to help you out with that! Dig it - it's the 70' in a world inhabited by intelligent apes, and there are hip bike gangs that swing'n'fight'n'fuck'n''get high and deal drugs, like the new "spazm" that the Humans have developed and are in the process of distributing. This issue documents their run down to LA and the trouble they end up in, as happens with the Humans. If you are one of the cat'n'kittens that have ranted'n'raved about the new Mad Max flick, then you definitely need to check this out - all the action, violence and mayhem AND a story line! Get it - now!