Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Time Crashers - EP-isode 1: Chronal Displacement (comic and CD-EP)

Local punk rock time travelin' nerds, the Time Crashers have now officially released their debut CD-EP (get it? EPisode? Har har) and what better way to do so than combined with a comic detailing their exploits. I reviewed the music as the Bootleg From the Future previously and the comic, while not referencing their songs (which seems like something that they should do so in the future, if they continue with the comics), it does detail their fight with Thomas Edison, who continues to steal Tesla's (lead singer for the TCs) ideas and claim them as his own. Apparently, members have come and gone through the space/time continuum, as Davy Crockett and D.B. Cooper assist Tesla, Caesar and DiVinci here. The story has many twists'n'turns and a cliff-hangin' ending, so I hope to see more soon!