Monday, October 12, 2015

Redd Kross - Neurotica

Neurotica was the second full length LP released by Redd Kross and this time the McDonald brothers were aided and abetted by drummer extraordinaire Roy McDonald (no relation) and guitar whiz Robert Hecker. This record - produced by Tommy Erdelyi, ex-Ramones drummer - is where they solidified their power-pop stance and gave their fans a big chunk of melodic rock'n'roll.

Roy opens the album with his swingin' drum sounds in the title track and off we go! Robert is also brought front and center with his wild guitar licks and his Paul Stanley-esque singing and the whole gang gives us some fine harmonies. Some clever melodies, lyrics and changes in "Play My Song" and the high--energy "Frosted Flake", they pay homage to their early punk rock pals, the Disposals, in "Janus, Jeanie and George Harrison" and Robert gets to close side one of the vinyl with a light-hearted, somewhat silly, acoustic ballad, "Love is You".

Side two opens with the drivin' "Peach Kelli Pop", with its great line about "laughing at all the assholes at the Rainbow" followed by the cool minor key melodies of their ode to McKenzie Phillips,aptly titled "McKenzie" (with an added bonus Patridge Family rip and fancy fretwork from Robert!). Pulled from their epic film, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, "Ballad of a Love Doll" give us the story of the movie in a fine, short'n'sweet, harmony-filled way. Roy again shows off his wild style opening Robert's frantic rocker "What They Say", then there's the psychedelically titled "Ghandi Is Dead (I'm the Cartoon Man)" before the finale of the ethereal "Beautiful Bye-Byes".

While all of their releases are well worth while, this is probably one of their best and most solid post-punk-rock records. Get it!