Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Swank Bastards, Durango 66 and Melanie and the Midnite Marauders at the Double Down, Friday Nov 6, 2015

Melanie and the Midnite Marauders made its Las Vegas debut at the Double Down Saloon, but unfortunately, we were plagued by numerous technical difficulties. Front person Melanie soldiered on like the professional that she is and won over the crowd with our high energy honky tonk. Hopefully, the next show will be a bit smoother!

The Swank Bastards did another fun set of their own brand of surf'n'roll, with tons of swingin' originals and fun covers of Black Sabbath and more. The lovely Ivanna Blaize (who is such a blaze of motion that my camera cannot adequately capture her) shimmied'n'shaked for added visual appeal, while guitarist Jesse roamed the club and rhythm section Jeff'n'Gerry held down the fort. Always a good time with these cats and they play often enough that you won't help but see them soon!

I had not seen locals Durango 66 before, which leads me to believe that they are a new combo, though, per their website, these guys and gals have been around the block a few times with other bands in other areas. They are a surf-styled group that cares enough to dress with some style while shakin' the stage with cool covers from the ares. Great tones and dig the Farfisa and the theremin, which I wouldn't mind if they used more often, though it's a bit difficult to play that and guitar at the same time! Dug the sound a lot, even if they were a bit loud for the room (a number of people hung out on the patio, even though they thought the band was cool). But, Vegas certainly has room for more well-done surf!