Monday, January 11, 2016

Eddy Bear and the Cubs, The Ditch Diggers, City Folk at the Bunkhouse, Saturday Jan 9, 2016

The Bunkhouse is now on its third (?) try, after a short-lived resurgence a year or so ago. This was an old fave haunt - and a fun place to play - so I hope that the new, improved Bunkhouse can continue on, as they now have a real stage and sound system.

This evening we had a very reasonable three bands playing and quite a number of people came out to support the scene. Opening were City Folk - apparently a new entity, as they don't even seem to have a Facebook page at this time. But I dug their folkie/singer-songwriter style, with electric backing, two backing vocalists (male and female - the gentlemen also played harmonica) and a somewhat Dylan-esque lead singer. The female drummer was strong, as well. Nice stuff - hope to see more of them in the future.

The (Sin City) Ditch Diggers were then up, with frontmen Roman and Rob (guitar & bass) leading the way and with a new drummer, whose name I didn't catch and who is not listed on their FB page yet. Certainly not a straight rockabilly act, these cats mix plenty of country and some blues into the pot to come up with a cool cow-punk sound.

Closing the night were one of my faves, the honky tonk heroes, Eddy Bear and the Cubs. They also debuted a new drummer this evening, who did spur things on a bit quicker than normal, not that anyone in the audience was complaining! The sound was full and strong and I love the twin guitar work between Wade (lead) and Larry (baritone guitar/vocals), along with Erik's swingin' acoustic. Davis' stand-up work keeps the rhythm rockin' and he's not afraid to just sit on the damn thing when there's a break in the action. I believe that there were new covers as well as originals and these Cubs gave them all a swingin' swagger. Always a fun party when they take the stage, so be sure to check 'em out whenever you can! Hope they were have a regular night here at the Bunkhouse and make it a new country watering hole!