Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Howlin' King Crawdad at Saddles'n'Spurs - Tues Feb 9, 2016

Since we did not have a chance to get around to making our traditional gumbo or etouffee this year, we needed to do something to celebrate Mardi Gras and went down the street'n'around the corner to our local honky-tonk, Saddles'n'Spurs to check our Vegas' own "twisted Zydeco" band, Howlin' King Crawdad.

We arrived as the band was completing their first set by bringing in the revelers to the dance floor to wear masks and play percussion as they called for the "king" to arrive, who then led them on a carnival conga line out the bar and - apparently - around the block, as they all disappeared for a good 15-20 minutes! But, they all certainly seemed to have a good time!

For their second set, the band, consisting of acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, washboard and, of course, accordion, did indeed play plenty of traditional and not-so-traditional zydeco music, with plenty of escapades abounding. The "King" - lead singer and accordionist - told jokes, sang bawdy tales and danced around the audience and the club while playing, giving plenty of visual amusement to go along with the music. Just before we left for the night, they brough up a couple more horn players to join the mandolinist, who moved to trombone, for a New Orleans stomp through "When the Saints Come Marchin' In".

Definitely dun stuff and I don't know where else in Vegas you're going to see live Zydeco, but I'd be interested if anyone knows! Check out this crew for a good time, though!