Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Uncanny Eyes

Going back even further in time to 2007, this PP release (the CD that I have has vastly different artwork) includes the duo of Kevin and Deacon, of course (who perform live these days), as well as Marrquin Riverboat Gonzalez, Party Paul, Anna Godwin Graves and Adam Zygmunt. This recording possibly reminds me a bit more of Kevin's work with Soda and His Million Piece Band though with his own unique stylings. Deacon's percussion work creates the basis for the proceedings which again combines sea shanties, gypsy rhythms and 20's/30's Tin Pan Alley to form something weird'n'wild.

While K&D are always terrific live, I do dig the additional instruments on the recordings - usually more oddball ornamentation that you will have a hard time pinning down, but effectively augmenting the tunes.

I know I always mention Tom Waits, because I'm not very creative like that (and damned if "Pretty Eyes" doesn't sound like it could have come off of Rain Dogs), but there are also hints of Dr. John New Orleans-hoodoo, as well as the afore-mentioned similarities to Soda's work ("Undertaker" particularly reminds me of something that could have appeared on one of his records with its mandolin and accordion work), some sorta-kinda Dylan-folk ("New York Girls"), maybe a touch of Leonard Cohen in "Pass the Kerosene" and plenty of other influences.

Again, fine stuff - haven't heard anything of theirs that I haven't liked. Dig 'em!