Saturday, April 16, 2016

Vegas Rumble at the Hard Hat Lounge Friday April 15, 2016

Set up as an alternative to the Viva Las Vegas rockabily shows and highlighting some of the best and more diverse talent in bands that actually hail from Las Vegas, the HardHat Lounge's Vegas Rumble was a super-fun, if somewhat sparsely attended, show. Though the people that did show up were treated to some great music and they were energetic and appreciative.

Opening the night on the outside converted bus was Vegas' longest-running, ubiquitous, and talented surf/instrumental band, the Swank Bastards. We got there a little late so missed a good portion of their set, unfortunately, but always a good time!

Up next on the inside stage were a couple of my own combos, Melanie and the Midnite Marauders high-energy honky-tonk and the Gentlemen of Four Outs' Prohibition Jazz. We enjoyed ourselves and the audience seemed to, as well. (Photos by unofficial Rants'n'Raves photographer Nikki Ruffling)

Back outside on this uncharacteristically chilly April evening were the Rockabilly/Country/roots-rockin' Sin City Ditch Diggers. Despite the cold and the new (sit-in?) drummer, they did a strong set with a good amount of variety within their chosen genre.

Closing the night inside were the Unwieldies, with their harmony-driven folk/singer-songwriter tunes led by Dani & Rob, accompanied by Jack on the violin and Richard on dobro. Due to some technical difficulties the set was a bit loose, but that just adds to the charm of this intimate combo. Plenty of talent here and I always dig their sound.

There was a lot else going on in town on this night, but those who made it to the Hard Hat got to experience the variety that Vegas has to offer these days.

(Sorry that my camera wasn't up to snuff this evening)