Friday, May 13, 2016

Durango 66 - demo CD

I picked this up when seeing Durango 66 at the Griffin the other day and while this appears to be an early demo, it is still a groovy taste of their current sounds and I certainly recognized at least a couple of these from their set.

"Put Your Finger in the Socket" blasts out of the speakers with the prerequisite reverb-heavy Jaguar guitar, snappy drums, cool bass lines and organ-flavoring. Well constructed tune, too, with a couple of nods to classic songs while adding plenty of their own touches. And there's even some theremin!

Again mixing old'n'new, "Lullaby of the Leaves"  references "Walk, Don't Run", a 60's pop song (that I can't place right now) and other original bits. I admit that I'm not super well versed in obscure surf, but I'm assuming that these are original cuts. I don't recognize "Sandoway", but it has a mid-tempo, melodic feel, while "Casbah", appropriately, has some hip, mid-eastern sounds and "Que Honda?" has bitchin' staccato guitar riffs and punchy chords.

Dig it - grab it - see them!