Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Mapes, the Undercover Monsters, Alan Six and Melanie and the Midnite Marauders at the Dive Bar Friday June 24, 2016

The Dive Bar is always a good time - great bartenders, cool soundman, a real stage and a fun atmosphere. Melanie and the Midnite Marauders opened the night this evening and had a good time providing a bit of high energy honky tonk for the early crowd.

(MMM photo by Nikki Ruffling)

Our pals Alan Six were celebrating the release of their debut CD, Illuminachos (more on that when I have a moment), and kicked out a set of anarchistic, sloppily tight punk-pop. Singer/bassist Adrienne keeps a rein on the beat while alternating melodic singing with impressively therapeutic shrieking. Lance provides the power chords while Mr. Dave frantically keeps time. Their coer of the Misfits "Angel Fuck" fits in perfectly with their sound.

The Undercover Monsters came out from Riverside to join the festivities and hang out with their pals in the Mapes. This co-ed combo (two Daves - drums and guitar, along with bassist Emily and guitarist Jessica) also creates a punky/poppy sound, with everyone except drummer Dave divvying up the lead vocals duties to a backing of simple, solid punk rock. Jessica takes off the guitar at one point to run around and cause trouble and they all seem to have a good time. Nice peeps, too!

Las Vegas' legendary Mapes keep popping up more and more frequently these days (they're also playing tonight at 11th Street Records) and also mine the goofy, punk-pop market, although these guys add rude'n'obscene lyrics to the mix. These eve no one seems particularly wasted (unlike some shows...) and so they played a reasonably stable'n'comprehensible set even while flailing about in their own r'n'r fashion. No food was thrown at this one, but plenty of confetti appeared and ended up everywhere, including deep recesses of some people's bodies. As usual, a good time was had by all! Oh, and in what must have been a first, the band asked that people STOP buying them drinks!

I don't get to the Dive Bar as often as I should, but I always have a great time there. Thanks for another fun-packed night!