Friday, July 22, 2016

Cash'd Out, The Rhyolite Sound, The Swamp Gospel, More Than Bone at Backstage Bar and Billiards Thursday July 21, 2016

The Swamp Gospel was happy to be added to this bill and had a great time at BBB! Cool crew, nice stage, real soundman (Thanks Dave!) and an excellent crowd! We were added on somewhat late so didn't get to promote as much as usual, so thank you to everyone who came out and supported all of the bands!

Opening was More Than Bone, featuring Michael, who also plays guitar in the All Togethers, on acoustic guitar, vocals and songwriting. This new project has a fine lead guitarist, bass, drums and a cat who plays keys and sax. The sound is somewhat alt-country, for lack of a better term, and the crowd certainly seemed to dig their set!

The Swamp Gospel was up next and we had a terrific time preachin' to plenty of new sinners looking for salvation! The place was fairly packed by the time we went on and we got a good responce! Good times! (Once again, thank you Nikki Ruffling for the photos - even got Brother Lenny back on the drums!)

I've written about Las Vegas' premier honky tonk band, the Rhyolite Sound, many, many times - often before they rebranded themselves, back when they were still Eddy Bear and the Cubs - and always dig their excellent C&W covers and originals. Superb vocals, amazing playing (I've lauded guitarist Wade so many times that it's almost embarrassing) and a good-time show. If you're looking for some country-styled fun, be sure to check them out!

Cash'd Out sounded better than ever this evening - good set of Cash tunes done with solid musicianship and great vocals and presence by lead Cash-man, Douglas. By this time I was pretty wiped out and was socializing with old friends so I didn't take notes, but the group was totally on and kept the audience asking for more!

Thank you again to the Triple B for a fun Thursday night!