Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Heiz - Salvo

I picked up this CD along with Pronounced de Heiz at their show last weekend and have been diggin' them both immensely.

Coming out of the gate with a big-beat, call'n'answer, soul/rock'n'roll dance number, "777", they show they are ready to to be the soundtrack for your rock'n'roll party tonight! "Daybreak Jailbreak" is pure power-punk-pop, Watanabe takes the lead on the Buddy Holly-meets-the-Heartbreakers "Here Comes the Weekend", drummer Kimura sings the goofy, ska-meets-the Router's-"Let's Go" in "I'm Starving". there's a mid-tempo 60's bopper in "Cyborg Rock", "Teenage Volcano" is a cool, minor-key, 50's styled rockin' stomper and Watanabe comes back for the 70's punk rocker "Good Good News", that has cool drums breaks and plenty of harmonies.

More Ska influences in the melodic "The Louder the Better" (that also has obligatory Ramones and 60's stylings), "Automatic Sunday" is almost Deep Purple-ish, there's bits on Sonics'n'surf, ska'n'punk in the hilarious "ABCDEF**K", more power pop in the ballad-y "Traveling Band Rhapsody", frantic punk rock (with some hints of heavy metal) in "Another Helping", a sweet 70's pop ballad in "Nobody Knows" (with a bit of a melodic nod to "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" and something else that I can't place", and then a big bash'n'crash ending with a live take of "Too Much Rock'n'Roll Business" from the previous CD.

More big fun from this fab Japanese trio! Any lovers of rock'n'roll with a sense of humor should go ga-ga over these cats'n'kitten!