Sunday, March 05, 2017

Shanda and the Howlers and Melanie and the Midnite Marauders at the Double Down Saloon Wednesday Mar 1, 2017

Our buds Franks'n'Deans are touring the country so they invited Shanda and the Howlers to host their monthly Weenie Roast and Melanie and the Midnite Marauders were added to fill out the bill. Despite some technical difficulties, we had a fine time bringing our brand of high energy honky tonk to the DD masses! (As usual, thank you to Nikki Ruffling for the MMM photo!)

There was a burlesque performance from Kitchie Koo in between bands - as well as some great VJ'ing from VJ Atomic, though I didn't get a chance to capture these. Highly entertaining!

Shanda and the Howlers brought down the house and brought them to their feet with a couple fo ets of their soulful, swingin' blues mixed with whatever else they feel like throwing in. Tons of great originals that you would swear were 50's R'n'B staples combined with some groovy covers and amazing playing all around. Micah's sax adds a Stax-ian touch to the proceedings, Trevor's guitar is tuneful'n'toneful and seemingly filled with tasteful riffs just waiting to burst out, while Luke and Keith's rhythm section rocks'n'swings. Shanda, of course, is the big-voiced, maraca - wielding belter, in the mold of someone like Big Mama Thornton or Irma Thomas, who can also croon out a ballad or interpret an Otis Redding tune or rock a Sonics number with equal effectiveness. Definitely one of the top groups in town!

The lovely Kalani Kokonuts also gave a somewhat blasphemously sexy strip-tease in between sets to keep the night nice'n'steamy!

Thanks to the Double Down for hosting another fun night and thanks to all the Vegas talent and to all the great scene supporters!