Friday, April 14, 2017

The Terrorsaurs and the Swank Bastards at the Motor City Cafe, Thursday April 13, 2017

The Motor City Cafe is the site of the first Swamp Gospel gig ever, so it has a place in my heart, even though is has not been having bands for a while now. Booker/bartendress Layleen is doing her best to remedy that situation starting with this show.

Hailing from the UK, the Terrorsaurs are a (mostly) instrumental band mixing sounds of surf, 60's garage, 70's boogie rock and even funk to create a stylin' sound of their own. Some bits reminded me of my fave LA instro band, the Black Widows, though these cats are a bit more primitive - in a good way! I totally dig the snazzy matching outfits and wacky head-gear, non-stop running around and, of course, the alluring burlesque dancer that added to the visuals, and even engaged in a couple of different costume changes. Super fun all around - glad I was able to catch them!

Vegas' own instro masters, the Swank Bastards were aided this evening by their own burlesque dancer in the hula-hoppin' form of Szandora, in town for a couple of weeks and innumerable gigs! Jesse did not have his trademark Vox guitar for a change, instead using a trusty Dan Electro to get his groovy, reverb-drenched sounds. Backed by drummer Turbo and bassist Jeff Murphy, they rocked through a set of their classics, while runnin' wild throughout the club - more than once there were near-collisions between Jesse and Szandora's hula-hoop! Always a good time - if you leave your house in the next week or so, chances are you will see them somewhere as they have a couple of dozen gigs coming up!

Thanks to Layleen and the Motor City Cafe for sponsoring this one! I hope that the MC can build a regular crowd, as it's a cool set-up with cheap drinks and a full kitchen! Check it out!