Friday, May 19, 2017

The Checkers – Running With Scissors

With the CD cover looking a lot more punk-rock-menacing and less pure pop, this Checkers record (artwork again done by Tom Neely) replaces Chris Barfield with Lee Lebaigue on bass, but otherwise is the same band as on Make a Move .  

The production is strong here – overall better sound than on MaM – with a bit more new wave (they even cover GaryNuman!) mixed with their punk-pop sounds. Strong sing-alongs like “Come on Now” have clever call’n’answer choruses, and “Searching For You” has a great wrap-around vocal hook. They get a bit heavier on “Pick a Prize” and Numan’s “Blue Eyes” and the title track has a bit of new-wave synth noodling added to the mix. “We Are” breaks things up by slowing things down a bit and working more with dynamics but then “Turn Me On” chugs back in with chunky power chords and “Tag, You’re It” and “Bass Wolf” are high-quality pop-punkers.

More fun, girl fronted, highly melodic bubblegum punk!