Monday, June 12, 2017

The Rhyolite Sound and the Reeves Brothers at the Bunkhouse, Sunday June 11, 2017

Melanie and I often reminisce about the Sunday Beer Busts at the Garage in Los Angeles back in the day and wish that something like that would happen in Vegas. A little rock'n'roll'n'day-drinking and back home in time for an early-to-bed and early-to-rise the next day for work without too much of a hangover. Well, this is exactly what happened at the Bunkhouse and from the size of the crowd - one of the biggest I've seen at this club - it seems that we are not the only ones who dig this concept. Hopefully, the Bunkhouse will continue this in the future.

The Rhyolite Sound has been ravin' about Pahrump's Reeves Brothers for a while now, so I wanted to get out and see what the fuss was all about. Well, these cats are the real C&W deal! Brothers Matt and Cole are both excellent vocalists who have that amazing genetic harmony thing going on and both play flawless lead guitar on their Teles, seemingly effortlessly. Bassist Kelly held down the bottom end along with Rhyolite's own Larry Reha on the drums. They covered Waylon, Cash ("Folsom", "Jackson"), Jerry Reed ("Eastbound"), Marty Robbins ("El Paso"), "Hot Rod Lincoln", "11 Months and 29 Days" (with special guest Jeffrey from the Sin Eaters on harp) and lots more. They seem to have a fairly endless repertoire and it's all good! I hope to be seeing lots more of these cats whenever they venture out of Pahrump!

Las Vegas' favorite honky-tonkers, the Rhyolite Sound, took the stage to a packed house - obviously, Vegas digs Sunday day-time shows! - and this set they included a steel player, although he seemed a bit hesitant and didn't really show off much, even though he was clearly a fine player. The crowd two-stepped through their set of standards and originals and bought the band a ridiculous amount of drinks! New originals were mixed with covers like "The Lost and Found", "Thunder Storms and Neon Signs", "Got You On My Mind" and lots more. Love the guitar interaction between Wade and Larry - and now their steel guy - as well as the vocal harmonies of Eric and Larry, and the swingin', drivin' rhythms. Always a great time - I hope they will sponsor more of these gigs!