Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vulcher #3 (fanzine)

Vulcher is an honest-to-gawd print fanzine put together by the Gizmos Eddie Flowers, Kelsey Simpson and Sam Murphy (editors) and which all the Gizmos contribute, including Krazee Kenne Highland, Ted Niemiec,  myself and my wife, Melanie, who is this ish's cover girl! Lots of other legends add their two cents, as well - Lindsay Hutton (Next Big Thing), David Laing (Dog Meat/Grown Up Wrong), Gary Pig Gold (Pig Paper), Chris Stigliano (Black to Comm/Blog to Comm) and many, many more.

Reviews, interviews, free association verse, photos, comics and all kindsa other mania fill the pages in an attempt to fill your mind with much-needed esoterica, rock'n'roll, jazz and whatever else happens along. I'll damn near guarantee that you will be runnin' to your Amazon list (or whatever wish list you may have) with some new ideas that you can't live without via these pages.

So, for true 70's-style fanzine writing (with better quality lay-outs'n'printin' than most could afford back in the day), go to the Vulcher Facebook page to order your copy! Quantities are limited! Act now!