Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Jackets, the Two Tens, Mauk at the Redwood, LA, Sunday Oct 1, 2017

After witnessing the wonderment that is the Jackets in Las Vegas, I decided that I should extent my 4Given LA weekend to include their Sunday night gig at the Redwood - a fine decision indeed!

Opening was a new band that called themselves Mauk - kinda noisy/kinda sloppy punk rock with odd vocals and simply tunes. It was their first show and they were not particularly tight and I couldn't really wrap my head around what they were up to. Maybe more experience will pull things together a bit more.

The Two Tens, on the other hand, are a rockingly tight duo with monster drummer Rikki Watson and guitarist/vocals Adam Bones covering guitar/bass/vocals and leapin' about! They really manage to fill out the sound for a two piece (although sometimes I long for a bass just so Adam can stretch out a bit) and this night they were particularly smokin' - probably the best I have seen from them yet. They have a new CD out with some excellent, poppier material and the older tunes were tightly frantic, as well. Super fun combo!

Of course, the Jackets are everyone's favorite new band, winning new fans and recruits everywhere they go with their fantastic, fuzz-filled garage sounds and incredible live show. I can't rave enough about Jackie as a front person - highly original and highly visual without sacrificing the guitar sounds. She engages the crowd while moving like a crazed mime or a demented ballerina and throws out fuzz riffs and tremelo'd guitar throughout. Of course, without the backing of Chris (drums) and Sam (bass) - both terrific players'n'singers - it wouldn't be much of a rock'n'roll show, and the three of them work together like a true band should. they have a few more shows in America before they go back to Switzerland - see them if there is any way you can!