Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Ventures - Walk - Don't Run, the Best of

Everyone knows the Ventures as the premier instrumental, surf rock'n'roll band from the early 60's, so what can you say about any album of theirs? You know it's going to be filled with great playing, reverbed guitars, steady, swingin' beats and cool riffs. Any "best of" collection can - and will - have the song choices eternally debated, but this is pretty solid, with a mix of the hits and the lesser-knowns. The licks come fast and furious, the drums are snappy with plenty of machine gun rolls, and the unheralded bass locks it all together.

The band wrote the blueprint that every surf/ instrumental group uses to this day. The songs are well written, have creative rhythms, and utilize real melodies - something that too many of today's instro combos neglect. The interplay between the individual musicians is essential to the sound, as well - they work together for the song and don't showboat, as bands should do!

You'll probably discover some of your favorite instrumentals here, as almost every surf band has covered something by these guys. Maybe you'll find learn the name of that elusive tune, too! In any case, this is a good collection with 29 cuts, including an interview and a couple of radio spots. How can ya go wrong?!