Friday, August 10, 2018

Foghat - Energized

I confess to being a fan of blues/boogie/rockers Foghat and their simple, twin-guitar attack. Back in the 70's you were always grateful when anything with edgy guitars appeared on the radio, and Foghat managed to rack up a few hits, starting with their classic take on "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" from their debut album. For a while there, they were on a roll and had numerous rockin' hits and while this album isn't quite as consistent as some of their others, it's still a rocker!

Opening with their take on the "Train Kept A'Rollin'" rip of "Honey Hush", they smoke it out with fiery guitars, lots of energy, cool riffs and catchy chorus. They change course dramatically for a funky/pop/disco number in "Step Outside", an experiment that really didn't work. "Golden Arrow" is a decent Foghat-styled blues-boogie, followed by one of their catchier tunes, the hard rockin' sing-along "Home in my Hand". "Wild Cherry" is a frantic, Chuck Berry-ish, harmony-lead-guitars'n'slide romp, "That'll Be the Day" is the Buddy Holly number rocked up with some new, Foghat-y sections, "Fly By Night" is nice but not too special offering from their bassist, Tony Stevens, and the finale, "Nothin' I Won't Do" is a fun, riff-laden 70's boogie/rocker.

Not incredible, but a solid, 70's-rock offering from their blues-based combo. Certainly worthwhile!


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