Monday, January 27, 2020

Pink Floyd - Music From the Film More

I was an early fan of Pink Floyd, mostly the super-trippy, pre- Dark Side of the Moon albums, but once punk rock hit and then I became immersed in the 80's garage scene, I was rarely in a stoney mood and didn't revisit their records very often. My pal Lee Joseph turned me onto their most heavily rockin' number, "The Nile Song" (we even covered it at some point, in some collaboration), from this soundtrack record but I never found any version of the album until now, with this CD reissue.

As their third studio album and the first full LP without Syd Barrett, this soundtrack utilizes their usual sonic soundscapes of tripped-out ambient sounds, effects, open spaces and echoed notes. There are hints of Beatles-esque psych in "Crying Song", a touch of jazz in "Up The Khyber", acoustic folk, with flute and piano, in "Green is the Colour", some psych-pop in "Cymbaline", there are psychedelic instrumental sequences (not remarkable for a soundtrack), and a bit more straight-ahead hard rock in "Ibiza Bar", some flamenco influence in "A Spanish Piece" and more Floydian psych for the ending "Dramatic Theme".

If ya dig early, post-Syd Floyd, you will certainly dig this and the couple of heavy tunes should be a nice surprise. Glad I finally found this one!