Monday, May 11, 2020


This self-titled 1992 reunion record rejoins the four members - Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd, Fred Smith and Billy Ficca - for the first time in a decade or so which sounds like an incredibly exciting proposition, but unfortunately, the songs here never really jump. Nothing offensive, of course, but nothing nearly as strong as the masterpiece of Marque Moon (which I'm surprised that I have never reviewed - even the expanded CD, which is fantastic) - which would be difficult for anyone to match - or even the much weaker second album, Adventure. Of course, there is no faulting their instrumental prowess but the songwriting is pretty much devoid of hooks to my ears. I'm certain that others will disagree with me on this, but other than a few interesting sections here'n'there (the finale, "Mars", in particular), this falls flat, regrettably.