Sunday, October 25, 2020

What's New Keanu? by Tom Neely

 Because Tom is a decent human being, he is a dog lover, with previous pooches named Barky and Samhain (RIP to both). According to Tom, Keanu is mostly his girlfriend's dog, but he thinks Tom is ok, as well, and Tom obviously has just a bit of affection for Keanu, as well. His exploits appear on Neely's Instagram account at times and here he has gathered together a collection of his favorite pieces. Most dog lovers, especially those who live with relatively small mutts, will recognize their own fur baby in these strips, and this is much more light-hearted and, dare I say it, sentimental than much of Neely's more graphic, ultra-violent, ulrta-sex-driven, disturbing work. But, that's because Tom is a sweetheart underneath the EC Comics cover that he wears!

Anyone with a four legged friend should have this one!


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