Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fuzz Solow/Voodoo Organist - The Dive Bar, Las Vegas 6-18-13

It's rare that I will make it out for a weeknight show, but the Swamp Gospel actually opened this night simply because it was too good to refuse!

Fuzz Solow is our local one-man-band who has been making quite a name for himself lately and has been tearing it up everywhere he goes! A bass drum, high-hat, suitcase, a couple guitars (one is a homemade cigar box git that he uses for slide), a couple amps and a bunch of pedals, he creates a helluva sonic boom! Influenced by Hendrix, blues, and trashy rock'n'roll, the man is pure entertainment. See him!

For some weird reason, I had never seen the legendary Voodoo Organist before this night, despite his decades of dedication to the voodoo! He is another one-man band, though, obviously, his main instrument is the organ (did I really need to say that?), augmented by foot-pedal-bass and drum machine, as well as a theremin (which looks to be a vintage instrument and extremely cool)! So, with all of this, you would never know that it wasn't a "real" band if you closed your eyes! Real songs, cool lyrics, lovely theremin and lots of style! Sadly, the night caught up to me before he finished so I didn't catch the end of the set or get a chance to purchase anything, but will certainly be on the lookout for his return!

Thanks again to the Dive Bar for a fun week night of crazed rock'n'roll!