Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Fleshtones - Up Front

This 12" EP, 5-song EP has apparently now been reissued as bonus tracks to the fabulous Roman Gods on CD, so those of you who didn't pick it up when it came out can still partake!

Having brought Bill M. into the fold, here the group really starts gelling, they hit their stride on the previously mentioned album. None-the-less, this includes three cool patented Fleshtones garage-soul numbers - "The Girl From Baltimore", "Cold, Cold Shoes" and "Feel the Heat", along with an original take on the Stones' "Play With Fire" and their classic instrumental "Theme From the Vindicators". This is one of their best - catchy as all hell, great sing-along "heys!" and cool playing from everyone, including the (first?) appearance of sax master Gordon Spaeth (RIP), who added lots of wonderful sounds to these cats.

Glad that this is now available on CD - well worth it!