Sunday, March 08, 2015

The All Togethers with the Swamp Gospel at the Huntridge Tavern - Friday Mar 6, 2015

Sorry, but I didn't take notes or even stay particularly sober this evening, but it was a fun-filled night with lots of new & old friends. LA buddy Bob Blackburn took a ton of great pix of the SG, so I am posting them here. The Huntridge is always a blast and we will be returning soon.

The All Togethers never fail to win new fans and entertain everyone with their own brand of Hillbilly Jazz - mixing traditional numbers, terrific originals (they have a new CD and will have a release party on Friday March 13 at the Forge in Bould City) and wacky covers of rap tunes (I never recognize these, but people will tell me that something was originally by, say, Vanilla Ice). Always an excellent time and they sounded great tonight - cellist Brenna is really fitting in and adding sweet sounds to the mix. I've ranted'n'raved about them innumerably, so just go see them!

Thank you again to the Huntridge Tavern for providing a cool, laid-back venue for fun shows!