Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bourbon Brothers, All Togethers, Fuzz Solow and Charlie Overbey at the Dive Bar Mar 11, 2015

The Dive Bar does it again with another high quality night filled with talented acoustic/roots/blues/hillbilly/country/what-have-you music from start to finish.

Starting at a reasonable 9:30-ish time, the Bourbon Brothers took the stage with their two-acoustic act filled with folk music from around the world. Starting with a Croatian tune (first time for that at the Dive Bar?), they moved through originals and covers that gave the feel of Greek, Russian, Gypsy and assorted other flavors of traditional music. Both Elliot and Will are fine guitarists and vocalists who work off of each other well - trading guitar licks and chords, lead vocals, harmonies and making a cool, joyful noise. First time seeing this duo but it won't be the last!

In efforts of full disclosure, I did play a solo set this evening as well, as Prophet Greene and had a good time, despite being a bit rusty on this act. But then we got RR'n'RR'n'R faves, the All Togethers and they had a particularly strong set this evening, though I don't remember ever seeing a bad set by this combo. The sound was especially good (thanks, John Kirby!) and cellist Brenna continues to impress as I see her play with the gang more often. I was a bit hesitant about the addition of a cello but she does create some sweet sounds and a second female vocal enhances the 4 part harmonies. There were some new songs off of their upcoming CD (To the Sober Go the Spoils - release party Friday March 13 at the Forge!) and each member is standing out more - guitarist Michael gets in a few more licks, there was a song with mandolin and cello trade-offs and an update on "I Heard You Paint Houses", from their first CD. Always a good time!

Another one of my favorite local acts is one man band, Fuzz Solow, stirring up blues and funk in his own personal style. From his usual opener, Howlin' Wolf's "Built For Comfort" to an original "Midnight Sun" to Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" (by way of Cream) to a funky "Red House" and "Manic Depression", the man always entertains while he amazes with his guitar prowess (and, using a splitter, bass joins in, as well) as he stomps out the beat. He pulls out his out cigar box guitar for some slide blues and rallys the crowd by the end of the set. Another man that needs to be seen!

Headlining the evening (and going on at a fairly reasonable time - thank you to the Dive Bar for keeping things moving) was Charlie Overbey and the Broken Arrows, featuring old pals JImmy James and Dave James (Hangman and Super Bees, respectively), as well as an ace steel player (JC, I believe), and a fine bass/drum combo highlighting well-written songs like "Whiskey and California Weed" and "1975". Charlie is a graduate of the punk rock scene but has a good ear for country melodies and his voice blended well with the drummer's, while Jimmy, Dave and JC traded licks. Great seeing good friends (who are excellent players) and hearing new sounds.

Not a bad note throughout the night! Thank you Dive Bar!