Sunday, August 01, 2021

Suzi Q (documentary)


Although originally based in Detroit, where she initially garnered some fame with her sisters in the all-female Pleasure Seekers (whose raunchy garage rocker "What a Way to Die" is a classic teenage ode to over indulgence), Suzi would be lured out on her own by Mickie Most and brought to England where, after teaming with the legendary Chin/Chapman, she had a string of hits. While she had number one records in England and throughout the Continent, her fame never reached the States, despite several attempts.

This documentary tells her tale and also shows the influence that she had on a (slightly) younger generation of female rockers, from the Runaways to L7 and more, as well as her acting career (she became known in the US due to her Leather Tuscadero character on Happy Days), and, of course her family life. A couple of her sisters are interviewed and they obviously never really got over the fact - despite their own careers - that Suzi became a pop star, albeit not in her own country.

It's a fun flick with some cool footage and while she released some slightly cringe-worthy material later, her early work is still viable and rockin'. Check it out!


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