Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Untold Fables

These crazed teens from Orange County (LONG before there was a TV show glamorizing it!) were one of the highlights of the 80’s garage scene! Long-haired, geeky, pimply-faced, not that great looking (sorry guys!), these guys blasted out some superbly wild garage-oriented r’n’r with a punk edge!

Jon N. was a supremely underrated guitarist who had a great tone and could make an insane noise, especially considering he was a nice, church-going young man! Paul Sakry was a great drummer, who at times played with a number of other bands, including a gig with Thee Fourgiven and a stint with Yard Trauma. Paul Carey looked pretty demented and could scream with the best of them! Rob Butler was an obnoxious punk of a bassist (and he’s a pal of mine!), but he knew his stuff, could write some great songs, and went on to “fame & fortune” with the Miracle Workers as part of their best line up!

Check out their 2 amazing albums on Dionysus (Every Mother’s Nightmare and Aesop’s Apocalypse) and their assorted singles and comp cuts. All super stuff and it all shows just how good music in this genre can be!

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