Monday, January 09, 2006

Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds

A good, solid effort from the Coop, and much better than anything that I have heard from him in decades. Basically, it sounds like he grabbed a current garage/punk'n'roll band as backup, which is a great improvement on the bad metal he has made in the past! Hell, the opening song - "Woman of Mass Distraction" sounds like it was stolen from the Hangmen, while other riffs could easily have been from other LA-based bands like the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, B-Movie Rats, Comatones, etc.
"Pretty Ballerina" is a surprise, but is well done as a serious cover of the Left Banke tune.
"The Saga of Jesse Jane" harkens back to early 70's Alice Cooper Band songs like "Desperado", though not quite as catchy.
Overall, this is a worthwhile r'n'r record and AC is pointed in the right direction. If he can raise the bar a little further with the songwriting he could conceivably come up with another classic eventually. Good to know that we can't write off the Coop yet!
OH! The last song, "Stand", is a horrible mistaken attempt at rap-rock and should be avoided at all costs! Heaven help us all if he ends up going in this revolting direction!


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