Friday, August 31, 2007

The Sewergrooves - Rock'n'Roll Receiver

The Sewergrooves have been around for a few years and at one time included the Hellacopters drummer Robban Eriksson, which is how they came to my attention. (You’d never know that I was a Hellacopters fan from my reviews, would you?!)

Well, Robban left way back in 2000 (!) and the ‘grooves have been plenty busy since then! As far as I can tell, this is their fifth album and they innumerable EPs, singles and compilation cuts. I guess they need something to do during those long northern winter nights!

This band definitely has some similarities with their raucous brethren, but they do seem a little slicker, cleaner, more polished than some of the other Swedish bands. They’ve still got the energy and the riffs, but it’s not quite as wildly chaotic as, say, the early ‘Copters. The distortion is cut way back – maybe even a little farther than it should be – but they still have cool guitar lines and rockin’ tunes.

Their latest is Rock’n’Roll Receiver and it reminds me of some earlier bands, such as maybe mid-80’s Nomads or even earlier Radio Birdman. The opening song is like an uptempo Soundtrack of Our Lives with punkier vocals. There are also nods to 70’s punk here, The Dictators there, and even Kiss now & again. I also hear some 60’s influences once in a while (I think that they're using some of the same riffs that I once stole!). It all works together to form a cohesive sound (even if I’m not describing it as such!) and I think that anyone who digs the Swedish sounds will dig these cats!
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