Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Motorhead – No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith

Featuring the classic Motorhead lineup of Lemmy, guitarist Fast Eddie and crazed drummer Philthy Animal Taylor, this 1981 recording shows the band at its peak, rampaging throughout England and Europe.

No real surprises here, but the greats are included – “Ace of Spades”, “Stay Clean”, “Metropolis”, “Iron Horse”, “Overkill”, “(We Are) the Road Crew”, “Bomber”, “Motorhead” and more!

Sounds quality is stellar throughout and you don’t have to risk your eardrums as you would if you saw them in person! (Anyone who has ever seen them has said that they were one of the loudest bands ever for any size arena!)

Basically, this is a no-brainer – it’s a rockin’ live set by an amazing group! Though, as with the Black Sabbath set Past Lives, they play so close to the originals, and the studio takes are so packed with energy as it is, that there isn’t much variation here. Bonus tracks do include an alternative version of “Capricorn” as well as a totally demented version of “Train Kept A-Rollin’”! Damn near worth the price right there!

I am reminded of an incident at one of the Motorhead shows that I saw: some asshole was throwing firecrackers and Lemmy screamed out that if he caught the fucker throwing them he would rip their eyeballs out! Needless to say, the firecrackers stopped completely!