Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Who Live at Kilburn 1977

This was another discount find for me and I am certainly glad that I picked it up! The initial disc is of the live show that the Who performed specifically for the film The Kids Are Alright in order to include several songs in that movie that they did not have on video anywhere else. Recorded in 1977, Pete believes that he has something to prove to the new wave of punk rockers and is obviously drunk yet phenomenally animated and puts on one of his best performances ever!

The song list is great and everyone’s playing is solid. Keith Moon seems a little less confident than usual and is still visibly uncomfortable wearing headphones for the songs that have backing tracks, but he is still Keith and still better than a majority of drummers in their prime.

The sound and visuals are excellent and seeing the band in a relatively intimate environment in a treat, as anyone who is familiar with the footage in The Kids Are Alright could tell you. Well worth the price by itself but there is a second disc that, if anything, surpassed this first disc. While the footage has some technical issues, it showcases the Who at their ultimate finest – in 1969 at the London Coliseum, for their first live performance of Tommy. This is essentially the fantastic Live at Leeds song list and I don’t believe that the group was ever in finer form. In fact, because the guys were not happy with the footage taken of them at Woodstock, songs from this set were put into the Woodstock film instead!

Any fan of the Who will get chills and thrills watching this DVD – absolutely essential!