Monday, February 15, 2010

Epiphone Dot semi-hollow body ES335 copy

I think this will be my last guitar purchase for a while now! With our collection of guitars and basses, we're getting a little overwhelmed! But, at least partially because I've been listening and trying to learn more blues, I wanted something like a traditional blues guitar that could still be used for r'n'r. I do wish that Epiphone was making one of these with a whammy bar!

This comes is several finishes, including a nice sunburst, but I was partial to the black and it is a beauty! This comes with chrome hardware and gold-ish knobs (kind of an odd combination), a maple body, rosewood fretboard and dual humbucker pickups.

Again, the neck is a little different from my other guitars - this one is almost like an acoustic neck - a little wider than some, but still with nice action. The two volume and tone knobs and 3 way selector switch gives a good variety of tones and so far I have not had any issues with feedback even with the f-holes, though certain stomp boxes work better than others with this. My Rat box seems to make some obnoxious overtones with this guitar, though still not the screeching feedback I was afraid of.

Another quality instrument from Epiphone and for the approximately $400.00 that Guitar Center is selling it for, another one that I can unreservedly recommend. Epiphone also makes a fine hard shell ES335 case that goes for under $100.00 that is a perfect fit for this.

Here's more info from the Guitar Center site.