Sunday, June 20, 2010

just for fun...

Melanie & I were talking about the number of releases that we have been on, so I decided to try to come up with my complete discography. I think there might be other things besides these, but this is what I came up so far.



Gizmos EP

Amerika First EP

Gizmos World Tour EP

Re-issue CD


Primordial Ooze Flavored – Mini LP

The Rebel Kind Comp – "No Apology"

Thee Fourgiven

It Ain’t Pretty Down Here LP

Voila! LP

Testify! LP

Salvation Guaranteed LP/CD

Rock & Hard Rolls Live in Europe LP

20th Anniversary CD re-issue of It Ain’t Pretty Down Here with bonus tracks and video

Songs of Ordinary Madness – German Mini-LP

"She Shines"/"Be My Lover" single

"Wrong Side of My Mind" – The Deadly Spawn Comp

"Spiders in My Sink" – Garage Sale Comp

"Hang Up" – Sounds of Now! Dionysus Comp

"Love Is Fading" – Dimensions of Sound Comp

"Yeah!" – Battle of the Garages Vol 3

"Anything" – Ansia de Color comp

"The Reason Why" & "Sorry for You" – Raw Cuts Vol 6 Comp

Zebra Stripes

"You Don’t Love Me" – Dimensions of Sound Comp

Zebra Is Her Name LP

Untold Fables

Organ on "It's a Cryin' Shame" on Every Mother’s Nightmare LP

Yard Trauma

Face To Face LP

Must’ve Been Something I Took Last Night LP

No Conclusions LP

Music LP

Takes Off… LP

Retro-Spex LP

"You Don’t Tell Me", "Black & White" – Raw Cuts Vol 6 Comp

The Tommyknockers

Caught Dead Inside – mini-LP

Perception is Reality LP/CD

The Clarity is So Clear LP/CD

"Noisy Beast"/"More to Come" 45

"Have Faith"/"One Too Many" 45

"The End of My Mind"/"Haircut & Attitude" 45

"Snake Lightning"/"Old Enough to Know Better"/"You’ll Find Out" 45

"I Want You" – Abus 16 Comp

"Kill City" – What Wave Comp

"Hot" - Comp

"We Want the Airwaves" - Gabba Gabba Hey – Tribute to the Ramones Compilation

Lots of unreleased tracks

Alter Egos

Egomania! CD

"Why Don’t You Give It" 45

"She Can’t Be Stopped" – Trash on Demand Comp

"(Gimme Gimme) I’ve Been Good" – A Vital Gesture Xmas Comp

The Egomaniacs

Beat Party Comp

"Gonna Rock Tonight" - Flamin’ Groovies Tribute Comp

The Excessories

Pure Pop for Punk People LP/CD

"In the Flesh" – How Many Bands Does it Take to Screw Up a Blondie Tribute Comp

"Lost and Found" – RAFR Vol 3 Comp

"Punk Rock Boy" – Muga 16 Anos Comp

The Black Widows

Arocknaphobia CD

A Vital Gesture Xmas Comp


Doorslammer CD

"On With the Show" – Indulgence, Inc Comp

"Shake Some Action" – Flamin’ Groovies Tribute Comp

The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs

Vital Gesture Xmas Album

Guitars, Guns, Gold CD

The Cheeks

"Little Girl in the Snow" – Weird, Waxes and Wired Comp

Elvis Tribute Comp

The Vital Gesture Xmas All-Stars

"Christmastime Again" – A Vital Gesture Xmas

Lisa Lombardo

Lisa and Her Slaves CD


Kings of Oblivion

If anyone can think of anything else, lemme know!


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