Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mott the Hoople - Original Mixed Up Kids

This essential CD showcases the original line-up of MTH (with Verden Allen and Mick Ralphs) and highlights just how powerful their music was even before they became stars with the help of David Bowie. The songs are pulled from BBC sessions and a concert at the Paris Theater in or around 1970.

Both sides of the group are displayed, though this concentrates mostly on their heavy power - from the the opened "Whiskey Women" to the brooding "Darkness, Darkness" to "The Moon Upstairs", "Thunderbuck Ram" and "Death May Be Your Santa Claus". Ian's more delicate moments shine, as well, such as the title cut, "Your Own Backyard" (with it's heavy ending) and his epic, "The Journey".

While I love pretty much everything that Mott did (up through the album The Hoople, anyway), the pure rawness and energy (even on the ballads) of the pre-Bowie Mott always speaks to me. All fans should own this!